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The chromatic shades of the mycelium - Materially

The chromatic shades of the mycelium

Biobo is a composite panel of mycelium (mushrooms) made without the use of chemicals, produced by the Mycotech. Compared to other materials, made of mycelium and present on the market, this material is the most resistant.

Currently the material has a flexural strength of 40 Mpa at a density of 51 lb / ft3 (824 kg / m3), but this performance improves every day more. This material can find different applications but its resistance allows it to be used also in the building sector.


Usually, farmers need about two months to grow mushrooms, but the company only needs about a month because only the roots are needed to produce the material.


The natural colour of the mycelium is a dirty white, but the colour changes due to the heat used during the production process. The shade of dark brown depends on the thickness of the mycelium.

Not only does the company supply the finished panels, but it is also available to license its technology to other production plants in order to use its local agricultural waste. The company has also experimented with the creation of material from different types of agricultural waste, from palm plants to palm oil, to sugar cane and shells.
The intention is to allow different communities to build the composite panel regardless of their basic crops.


Foto: Mycotech

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