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Material Solutions

We enhance your products through materials

Project targeted to help companies identify material solutions for new products, to reduce the environmental impact, for the development of new aesthetics, to solve technical or supply problems. We start from the idea that the material is the central element around which sustainable strategies are built involving design, production, marketing and CSR.


To reduce the environmental impact of your products

Analysis of the role of materials in product and company sustainability and identification of material solutions that meet circularity criteria.

Circolarità - Materially
Innovazione - Materially

To innovate your products through materials

Targeted research of materials, processes and related suppliers for the innovation of products and environments.


To inspire the creative process

Inspirational workshops, trend reports on materials and aesthetics, development of CMF tools and scenarios.

Design - Materially

Talking about us

Il team Artsana
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Materially supported us with expertise in the search for material and technological solutions in various fields, from small to thoughtful childcare.

Case history​

Research of plastic materials and processing units

Support in the research of plastic materials and relative processing units for the production of an innovative household appliance.

Company: B!pod
Sector: Small appliances
Area: Innovation

Packaging innovation scenarios

Material innovation outlooks for the renewal of the packaging of an iconic product.

Company: Bauli
Sector: Packaging
Area: Creativity, Innovation

Research of innovative materials

Research of innovative solutions for consumer electronics in the fields of plastics, composites, metal treatment and magnesium.

Company: Daegu Design Center
Sector: Consumer electronics
Area: Creativity, Innovation

Metal finishes trend report

Trend report and research of material solutions in the metal finishing sector.

Company: Daegu Design Center
Sector: Consumer electronics
Area: Innovation

Plastic replacement materials

Research of cellulose-based materials for the packaging of electronic products.

Company: Deutsche Telekom
Sector: Packaging
Area: Innovation, Circularity

Material trend forecast

Material trend research, scouting for innovative solutions for automotive interiors.

Company: FCA
Sector: Automotive
Area: Creativity, Innovation, Circularity

Materials for exhibitions displays

Research of materials for the realization of low impact installations for Futura Expo Brescia. In collaboration with arch. Raffaella Laezza.

Company: Futura Expo Brescia
Sector: Interiors
Area: Circularity

High barrier packaging

Research of alternative materials to polylaminates for flexible packaging applications for the food sector.

Company: Just Spices
Sector: Packaging
Area: Innovation, Circularity

Materials for interiors

Reserach of alternative solutions for floors and furnishings for points of sale in the catering sector.

Compamy: Lavazza
Sector: Retail
Area: Innovation

Video trend

Creation of three videos on material trends for the online edition of MIDO 2021. With case studies from the world of startups and industry.

Company: MIDO
Sector: Glasses
Area: Creativity

Sustainable materials for accessory cases

Scouting of sustainable material solutions for the creation of accessory cases.

Company: Negrini
Sector: Accessories
Area: Circularity

Comparative LCAs

Starting from the analysis of the life cycle, comparison between different materials (paper pulp vs plastic materials) for the realization of a product.

Company: Negrini
Area: Circularity

Material innovation for comfort

Research of advanced solutions for adaptive comfort.

Company: Oberalp
Sector: Sport items
Area: Innovation

CMF scenarios

Development of CMF scenarios, material selection and sampling sourcing for the consumer electronics sector

Company: Panasonic
Sector: Elettronica di consumo
Area: Creativity

Advanced materials research

Researche on innovative material and technological solutions for bicycle saddles.

Company: Selle Royal
Sector: Sporting goods
Area: Innovation

Material trend forecast

Annual update on material trends and development of CMF scenarios.

Company: Toyota Boshoku
Sector: Automotive
Area: Creativity

Sustainable materials for furniture

Research of material solutions with sustainable characteristics for the kitchen sector.

Company: Valcucine
Sector: Forniture
Area: Circularity