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Material Strategy

We explore application opportunities for new materials

Taregeted project to help companies offering new materials to evaluate their characteristics, identify application opportunities and build a path to approach new markets.


To evaluate a material innovation

Evaluation of the potential of a new material through an assessment of its characteristics and meetings with key stakeholders - companies, designers, certification entities, etc.

Benchmarking - Materially

To understand the competitive context

Qualitative analysis of the competitive context of a new material; identification of possible winning characteristics and competitive advantages; evaluation of the positioning among competitors.


To approach new markets

Defining the path between the material and its target market through the study of possible application opportunities, mapping of target companies, up to the creation of communication tools and the initiation of direct contacts.

Strategy - Materially
"Abbiamo lavorato con Materially per individuare potenziali aree di innovazione in linea con tendenze di lungo periodo nel mondo interiors e per conoscere meglio il contesto competitivo allargato al fine di valutare l’introduzione di alcuni dei nostri nuovi prodotti.”
Filippo Manetti
Musa Director + Marketing & Product Innovation Director at Arpa Industriale

Case history​

Analysis and mapping of the wall papers market

Overview of the wall coverings market and search for innovations aimed at the development and positioning of new materials.

Company: Arpa Industriale
Sector: Rivestimenti per interni
Area: Benchmarking

Support for pilot projects

Search for partners and launch of pilot projects for a software for the development of metamaterials.

Company: Metamech – UniMi
Sector: Tecnologia
Area: Assessment

Market opportunities analysis

Mapping of possible application sectors for bio-based polyol (Benebiol), with interviews of possible users.

Company: Mitsubishi Chemical
Sector: Materie plastiche
Area: Strategy

Rethink Next Generation Coatings

Support in the creation of a contest aimed at identifying new, more sustainable raw materials in the field of wall paints.

Company: San Marco
Sector: Pitture Murarie
Area: Strategy

Product validation

Validation of a new type of pressure sensor through the analysis of the competitive context and interviews with various players.

Company: Sateco
Sector: Sensoristica
Area: Assessment

Industry analysis

Analysis of the competitive context, research and mapping of application and development opportunities for an OLED with natural light. In collaboration with Tol Studio.

Company: Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd
Sector: Illuminazione
Area: Assessment, Benchmarking