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MCX Library & Insights

Material ConneXion

Material Insights service membership gives you full access to all our materials resources: your team will be able to explore the online platforms or visit any of the Material ConneXion Materials Library locations to discover innovations and inspirations, and connect directly with manufacturers. The Material Insights service and the physical Materials Library are available at Materially.

Materials Library

Explore over 10,000 innovative materials from 7,500 global manufacturers, through the database and physical samples. The Materials Library includes various types of materials and innovative processes: from coatings to plastics, from metals to fabrics, from additive manufacturing to smart materials. Thanks to the constant inputs of new materials you can be inspired and always be up to date.

MCX insight - Materially
MCX insight - Materially

The Stacks

Articles, videos, trend reports and insights edited by Material ConneXion's material specialists and dedicated to more than 15 industrial sectors, which address issues of sustainability, regulations, technological innovation, to understand the future of the material and know how to best orient your strategy of product.

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Different application

You can find all the information you need online.

You have full access to the Material ConneXion database and The Stacks platform.


You can visit Material ConneXion physical libraries around the world.

The Italian Library is located at the Materially headquarters in Milan. Come visit us.

Talk to us. We will explain how to do it.

Book a free virtual tour of the Database and The Stacks. Two online tools to navigate independently in materials world.


Come visit. The Library is a must-have service!

If you are a company, you can make a free visit to the physical materials library. To touch the more than 1,000 samples on display.