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Piazza Teresa Noce 17/D, Torino – Italy



Plastiz is an Italian startup that transforms plastic waste into a new 100% recycled and recyclable material, intended for the world of design and architecture.

Through the thermoforming of large quantities of plastic waste previously transformed into raw material, Plastiz creates panels available in over 30 textures and opaque or translucent finishes, in large formats and in different thicknesses.

The applications are endless: from interior and exterior furnishings to shelves and coverings, up to furnishing accessories and design objects.

Each panel tells the story of the waste with which it was created and gives new value to bottles, caps, spools, coffee capsules and more, which would otherwise be burned or sent to landfill.

Plastic represents one of the most complex emerging challenges to environmental

sustainability, particularly for future generations.

The process developed by Plastiz – whose innovative value lies in the rethinking of the manufacturing process compared to traditional methods, which allows for a high customization of the textures of the final products and the use of large quantities of waste – does not aim to replace the processes of the traditional recycled plastic supply chain, but on the contrary, it intends to integrate and innovate them to encourage the development of new circular processes.