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Via Aquileja39/41 –20092 Cinisello Balsamo, Italy



The story of Madreperla S.p.A. dates back to the early 1950s, when the company produced acrylic buttons with a mother-of-pearl effect, hence the name Madreperla. Later, the company switched to the production of cast acrylic sheets. Over the decades, Madreperla S.p.A. has focused on innovation and specialization and has begun to work on implementing a concrete sustainability path. All this led to the birth of Green Cast®, the brand of 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets. Green Cast®, on the market since 2012, is today an internationally recognized brand and an important tool for providing a concrete response to the concept of circularity.

The production of Green Cast® starts from pre- and post-consumer PMMA, which is fed into a chemical recycling process that recovers the original raw material, which will then be used in the production of Green Cast® sheets. PMMA (acrylic) is a strong and noble plastic, known for its transparency, ease of processing, strength, and its many colors and finishes. Above all, PMMA can be recycled countless times, without ever losing its mechanical, optical, and thermal properties.

Green Cast® is the ideal material for those who want to improve their environmental sustainability path, a path supported by multiple certifications that allow the various actors involved to make more informed choices. “Rethink, reuse, recycle”, this is Green Cast®.