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Packaging Première 2024: trends in premium packaging on display in Milan

Images courtesy Packaging Première

The 2024 edition of Packaging Première & PCD, the reference fair for the world of luxury packaging in the cosmetics, perfumery, wine & spirits, fine food and fashion sectors, closed on Thursday 23 May at Allianz Mico in Milan. This year too the event had a notable success: 8,300 visitors, 320 exhibitors from Italy, China, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary and Holland, confirming the growing attention towards this sector which will increasingly have to face challenges related to environmental sustainability.

Packaging Première, founded in 2017, has stood out over the years as a point of reference for the premium packaging sector and for all operators interested in staying up to date on the main trends and solutions offered by the market. Among these, we have identified some themes of particular interest.

First of all, the evolution of cellulose-based materials: not just paper, but three-dimensional solutions with a protective function, with appearance and application and expressive potential similar to plastic materials but recyclable in the paper fraction. Among these, Nissha was present at the fair with Pulp Injection Molding technology, selected for the Sustainability category by the jury of the Avant-Garde award for an application in refillable cosmetic packaging.

Images courtesy Material ConneXion LLC

It is an injection molding technology of a material composed mainly of cellulose pulp and corn starch, which allows the creation of intricate designs with high dimensional precision, ensuring a perfect fit of the piece to the main device. The material has a pleasant silky touch. 

Other solutions concern the creation of soft foams, always starting from the same raw materials, i.e. cellulose and starch, with protective functions. We talk about it in more detail here.

Images courtesy Material ConneXion LLC

The second, and perhaps most interesting, direction of development concerns the transformation of packaging from a product to a service. In this context, two solutions seem worthy of mention: Movopack, lightweight, flexible but protective packaging for e-commerce, reusable several times with a return system to one of the company’s hubs. What is supplied is not just the container, but an entire logistics system, complete with a service for personalizing the envelopes which thus also become a communication vehicle for the brand.

Pack.ly, on the other hand, is moving in the direction of enriching the supply through digital technologies that allow you to design the packaging directly from the site, view it, and have it printed without minimum orders.

Image courtesy Pack.ly

In addition to the main exhibition, the event was enriched by other initiatives such as Avant-Garde, the contest that awarded the most innovative and sustainable packaging projects in three different categories: design, sustainability and innovative materials. 

Materially was also physically present at the initiative, bringing to the fair a selection of innovative and sustainable materials for packaging from the Materials Library of Material ConneXion which attracted the attention of many visitors.

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