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Room 1201, Cygnus Building, 28, Mugyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul



Born in 2020 as a spin-off of the Hyundai Motor Group, MYCEL is a company that produces bio-based materials through biomimicry principles. In particular, by exploiting the physiological, biochemical and physical characteristics of fungi, it develops materials applicable to multiple sectors, from packaging to automotive to fashion.

Renowned for its strength and lightness, mycelium, the generative part of fungi, is the basis of Anolea™, a high-quality advanced biomaterial that is a substitute for leather.
Among its sustainability characteristics, Anolea™ surpasses both synthetic and animal leather in terms of biodegradability, aiming to reach 100%.  Anolea™ is a new category of material that serves as a synthetic & animal leather alternative, also featuring excellent environmental qualities. It is also developing a transparent mapping of its production chain and building a certification system in response to market demands, managed through a tracking system that allows for continuous updates.

MYCEL’s mission is to stimulate the imagination of its customers with cutting-edge technologies, promoting the transition to a regenerative system for the materials used in industrial applications. MYCEL positions itself as a leading player on the path towards a more sustainable future and provides practical solutions to companies that intend to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly alternatives.