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Garzanti Specialties


Via Enrico Tazzoli 6, 20154 Milano Italy



For over a century, Garzanti Specialties has represented excellence in the distribution of specialty products for industrial, life-science, and biotech applications, offering cutting-edge solutions towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

Garzanti Specialties is the preferred partner of numerous innovative companies and international organizations. Thanks to its deep technical and commercial knowledge, the company researches, validates, and distributes a wide range of products, introducing the most advanced technologies to the Italian market.

Garzanti Specialties commitment to innovation is evident from its product portfolio and solutions employed and appreciated in numerous application fields – including coatings, paper, polymers, adhesives, textiles, cosmetics, food, and biotechnology. Garzanti Specialties products enable customers to achieve their goals in terms of performance improvement, production efficiency, and sustainability. With a keen focus on industrial symbiosis and circularity, the company develops tailored solutions aimed at maximizing product performance and versatility in various applications.

Garzanti Specialties also stands out for the excellence of its services. With a large proprietary warehouse, integrated logistic service, laboratories, and numerous certifications attesting its commitment to continuous improvement, the company is dedicated to satisfying market requests, aiming to achieve increasingly higher standards.

Garzanti Specialties continues to lead the specialty distribution field with its constant commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability.