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Via Roma, 69
24030 Medolago (BG) – Italy




Silk is the only natural continuous filament chemical origin. It was precisely through the study in the lab, between the late 1800s and early 1900s, that the first artificial fibers were created “artificial silks”. Consolidating its roots, Cosetex develops a specialized know-how in discontinuous silk fibers and has structured a widespread production and commercial network, becoming a reference point for projects involving the use of silk fibers in the spinning and textile industries. The high level of service and consultancy available to customers is guaranteed by rigorous quality control of goods at origin, a traceable supply chain, and a large and diversified national stock service warehouse. A network of certifications accompanies specific Cosetex product lines, characterizing the ecological, natural, and eco-sustainable element. Cosetex is committed to an ambitious project aimed at a new way of perceiving silk and (re)discovering this premium material. Cosetex operates not only in the luxury and fashion sectors but is also strategically focused on redefining the image of silk as a true material, through research projects for innovative products (including patented silk padding) capable of enhancing its exceptional structural, chemical-physical, mechanical, biological, and thermo-physiological properties, which, together with its naturalness and full sustainability, make silk the MATERIAL OF THE FUTURE in many fields.