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Evopdi nanotechnology experts


Via S. Pio da Pietrelcina, 21   
20010, Pogliano Milanese (Mi)


EVOpdi S.r.l. is a company established in 2011 with the aim of engaging in distribution and application of nanotechnological products, which can be used on any surface.

These products are classified on the basis of the peculiar properties due to their nanostructure, thus giving them a wide application in sectors such as automotive, nautical, building and food industry for a wide range of solutions such as: anti-slip treatments, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion treatments. – humidity, antibacterial treatments, protective and polishing treatments for the protection of surfaces from decay, heat treatments, self-cleaning and easy to clean surfaces.

By way of example, we mention some of the products such as:

Silver Time is an innovative nanotechnological product based on colloidal silver and amorphous titanium phosphate that does not contain hazardous substances.
Especially suitable for the preventive sanitization of any environment.Its effectiveness as a preventive agent has been tested against numerous harmful chemicals and organic substances. Suitable for use on any surface, it is particularly suitable for closed environments, car interiors, means of transport, etc.

EVO Car Hydrophobic Coating is a nano-ceramic and protection treatment for body, from various environmental factors, scratches and abrasions. Effectived on chromed and paintedvsurfaces, car and motorcycle bodywork and
plastic coatings.

EVO Glass Car Coating is a nanotechnology product that gives to glass features easy to clean.

Our main objectives are to minimize: maintenance, energy consumption and used of harmful products, using non-polluting nano materials, constantly improved thanks to continuous investments in research and development.