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Anodica Trevigiana

Anordica trevigiana a touch of excellence


Via del Lavoro, 1
Z.I. Cimavilla
31013 Codognè
Treviso – Italy


Anodica: from 1962 until now everything has changed except our desire to evolve

More than 50 years of activity aimed at continuous improvement. From small-scale to industrial production; from s.r.l. To s.p.a. To an international company. Investing in technology, research and people, because those who believe in the future and ideas never stop growing.

We design and produce aesthetic components: design handles, knobs and aluminium profiles for home appliances mainly.

Anodica does not only produce aesthetic components. It provides solutions: design, functional and service solutions that are fast and exclusive. These solutions go beyond purely aesthetic values, with attention to reliability and quality as well as full customer satisfaction.