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Oltremateria presents the installation Gioco da A MARE, a large domino set made with A MARE, the innovative, continuous surface whose name itself, is a playful combination of the Italian words Sea (Mare) and Love (Amore), referencing a love for the earth, the sea, nature, matter and sustainability. "A mare" is made with innovative polymers derived from renewable sources, such as sunflower oil, made by 60% of natural fillers derived from the recovery, and certified recycling of marine shell shells. To complete the project, the installation will feature an ECOPUR protection finish, which is able to purify the air 24 hours a day, allowing to break down bacterial and viral proliferation.



Playing with AI is the project presented by Digital Design, centred on the theme of the labyrinth, as metaphor of the infinite possibilities offered by the generative model patented by the company. The goal is to lure the visitor into a maze with an ever-changing path, where one may get lost, thanks to a playful projection of patterns coming from a monitor placed at the core of the installation. The generated patterns are destined for the printing, and treatment of a wide range of surfaces. By analyzing tens of thousands of scanned fragments of different organic materials, the neural network is able to generate a surprising amount of new images of the aforementioned subjects; These files are highly realistic and indistinguishable from real ones.


Mille997 presents Il Gioco dei Materiali, a playful and tactile installation, within the exhibition path of Wonder Matter(s). Different materials and technologies meet, giving life to a surprising object. A combination of laser designs on wood, imaginative uses of wallpaper, decorated glass and plexiglass surfaces, and the recovery of precious marble slabs, create an iconic and exciting construction game, which demonstrates a variety of potential, and creative material applications, combining traditional techniques with advanced technologies.

Alisea S.r.l. Società Benefit

Connessioni Circolari is the title of the project presented by Alisea, the Benefit Company which, over the arch of thirty years, has shown its devotion to the Planet, by giving a second life to the waste resulting from industrial and artisanal productions. In 2013 Alisea, found a solution to transform graphite powder into the first Perpetua pencil. Following this invention, other design objects were created out of Zantech® - the only material in the world made with 100% recovered graphite powder - each product signed "Perpetua - we had to invent it". Today, current times call for a range of writing products that are designed to trace marks on screens, just as well as on paper. To take notes and scribble ideas on smartphones and tablets.

Conceria Nuvolari Società Benefit

Conceria Nuvolari presents Cromatismi Circolari, an installation of multidimensional and colorful spheres made with Nature-L®, a recyclable material which facilitates the transition to a circular economy in the leather industry. Nature-L® is a line of leathers mainly destined for the fashion industry which, thanks to a tanning process of proprietary know-how, is metal free <(1000 mg / Kg), carbon neutral, as well as certified biodegradable and compostable ISO 14855-ISO 20136 and LCA. The treated leather, which is a by-product of the food industry, is tanned without the use of hexavalent chromium, and with a reduced amount of heavy metals , guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

The Good Plastic Company

Polygood is a surface material made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic by The Good Plastic Company. The sustainable advantages of this material are equalled by its aesthetics. Each pattern has its own unique back-story. Polygood panels are produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources, from refrigerators to single-use cutlery, electronics, and industrial consumables.​ The Good Plastic Company was founded in 2018 with a mission to contribute to solving the problem of the 500 million tonnes of plastic waste that are generated annually. ​Now the company has grown to become an international manufacturer of recycled plastic panels that helps brands to make a visible commitment to sustainability. ​ The Good Plastic Company is focused on large-scale environmental impact by filling the gap between the recycling industry and business.


Through its products, Mogu aims to bring forward a positive, and intimate relationship between nature, man and technology. In occasion of Wonder Matter(s), the company created an immersive shelter, welcoming visitors to experience Nature and its soundscapes. MYCELECHO - Resonating With Fungi, is an interactive sound installation that engages the audience in a unique experience. The panels covering the structure, are entirely composed of mycelium and recycled textile residues, which the company normally utilises as acoustic panels for interior design. On this occasion, Mogu invites the visitor to interact with their surfaces, playing at reproducing the natural sounds of mushrooms, which are way out of the hearing range of human ear.



Coffeefrom is an innovative start-up with a social purpose, which transforms spent coffee grounds of industrial origin - normally disposed in landfills – into new recycled and bio-based thermoplastic materials. These are then shaped into innovative application scenarios and design products, through a virtuous made-in-Italy supply chain. The first material - Coffeefrom® Bio - is composed of coffee grounds and biopolymers, which comes back to its origin in the first Coffeefrom® product: the espresso cup and saucer. The second one - Coffeefrom® Eco - consists of post-industrial recycled LDPE and coffee grounds, an ideal solution to play with the transparencies. All Coffeefrom® materials are suitable for injection molding; some samples made with 3D printing are also displayed, thanks to the collaboration of +Lab - the 3D printing laboratory born in 2013 within the Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta”' of the Politecnico di Milano.


Organoid® by Piva

Flora is the name of the installation created for Wonder Matter(s), by Piva and utilizing Organoid® materials, a poetic upholstery collection, produced with 100% green sources, such as hay, flowers, moss, and leaves from the Austrian Tyrol area. A range of surfaces which are mostly destined for interior design, but find countless creative translations when applied to various (and rigorously green) supports. Organoid® generates sustainable material in a Carbon Neutral process, thanks to a combination of research, with a profound awareness in the treatment of organic sources, resulting in a poetic, interactive and sensorially immersive experience.


Covestro presenta Arfinio®

Through the installation L'Impossibile, created in the context of Wonder Matter(s), Covestro presents Arfinio®, a revolutionary material resulting from a new technology combining high-performance liquid polymers with unique minerals, made by reaction injection molding. It is an incredibly light and durable solid-surface material, allowing complex projects to be processed easily and quickly in a single step and can be furthermore repaired and recycled. Arfinio® combines the advantages of aliphatic polyurethane chemistry, reaction injection molding and solid surfaces: a combination considered impossible for decades, which today becomes a tangible reality thanks to Covestro.


Covestro presenta Makrolon® RE

Unexpected Green Forest is the name of Covestro's installation dedicated to the unique characteristics of a typology of polycarbonates obtained from renewable raw materials. This material surprisingly creates a real forest within Wonder Matter(s): a symbolic setting, and a place of oxymorons, where plastic proves to be more sustainable, recyclable and durable. Makrolon® RE is Covestro's renewable polycarbonate, made from raw materials derived from organic waste, rather than fossil fuels. The material supports sustainability objectives, and offers vast creative opportunities in terms of color, formal and decorative applications, allowing the creation of single-material, or modular objects. Projects, which are all, therefore, easily reusable, and durable.


Covestro presenta TPU

Selfie Garden, the playful installation by Covestro presents TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and offers a memorable occasion, proposing itself as a background for an unmissable souvenir photo. TPU has a wide and articulated performance spectrum, which includes a high degree of flexibility and resistance to a wide range of temperatures, as well as the ability to cover the entire structural spectrum, from hard and rigid, to soft and elastic, making it an excellent material for single-material design. Its high degree of adaptability, and multiple application opportunities, become inspiration in the creation of an imaginary garden, ideal environment to frame a creative memory.


RespiGardTM by Polypore (Asahi Kasei Group)

Asahi Kasei, a Japanese multinational company, presents RespiGard™ by Polypore – a waterproof and breathable polypropylene membrane. The material can be combined with fabric, offering applications in outdoor furniture, as well as technical sportswear. The high porosity of the membrane, allows air flow, and an easy evaporation of moisture, while its structure prevents water droplets from penetrating. RespiGard™, is naturally water-repellent, it has a smooth and uniform surface, and is ultralight, almost elusive. It is produced using a solvent-free manufacturing process, and has therefore, obtained the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. The base is made of polypropylene, therefore recyclable and free of perfluorocarbons (PFOA or PFOS). When coupled with mono-material textile solutions, such as polypropylene fabrics and accessories, it is entirely recyclable.




The wonder of a mirrors and reflection is brought to Wonder Matter(s) by the collaboration with Specchiopiuma. Suspended through simple steel wires, Specchiopiuma Silver panels help highlight some of the exhibition areas. The partitions between the exhibition and the business areas are made with Specchiopiuma Translux, also known as Magic Mirror in theatrical scenography.