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Bio-based materials – a new approach for material manufacturers

How do bio-based materials impact the industry? Three intrapreneurs share their journey towards responsible production from their business point of view.

A conversation with:
Sara Santori – Conceria Nuvolari
Loris Casalboni – Oltremateria
Dario Zanuso – Zanuso Legno

Valentina Ventrelli, Materially

The Educational Power of Bio-based Materials

Bio-based materials can transform our manufacturing and educational choices, once nature is seen as an extraordinary teacher of wisdom and wonder fulfilling a promise of a truly sustainable future.

A conversation with:
Giulio Ceppi – Total Tool, Milano
Camilla Cantadori – Ph.D. Fellow, Reggio Childhood Studies, UNIMORE
Fiorenzo Omenetto – Silk Lab, Tufft University, Boston
Laia Mogas Soldevila – DumoLab, Penn U, Philadelphia

Lorenzo Maderna, Reggio Children Foundation

Metamorphosis of Matter and New Lands of Design

Research, art and industry meet along the same path stemming from and shared intuition: if we transform how we see nature and waste, new materials an products arise.

A conversation with:
Veronica Sarbach – Progetto GRETE
Serena Camere, Head of Design & Sales, Mogu
Kaori Akiyama – STUDIO BYCOLOR

Daniela Amandolese, Materially