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Urban Matter(s)

From 6 to 12 june 2022 - Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27 - Milan

Urban Matter(s) is the concept and the title of the exhibition hosted by Materially at the Milan Design Week 2022, with a specific focus on the culture of sustainability applied to different business activities and to everyday life. Founding principles of this concept include the responsible use of natural resources, the elimination of pollutants that have already been released into the environment, the overall lightening of materials and components, and the transformation of industrial waste into upcycled valuable products. Principles that are linked together by innovation in manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technological developments. Urban Matter(s) is aimed at pushing further the discussion about our impact on the environment and our health by also providing some real answers to the main issues of our time: the climate change, the air quality of our spaces and the overproduction of waste.


Four thematic areas

Four thematic areas are defined where Materially, together with its partners and material manufacturers, will cover virtuous stories, actions and approaches in designing and production processes that pave the way towards a more human- and community-friendly future:


  • Carbon Revolution: reduce, stem, break down
  • Breathing Quality: Protect, filter, purify
  • Resourceful Waste limit, rethink, transform
  • City Skin: Change, update, dress, refine


The exhibition will also promote a series of cultural and designing insights that will foster dialogues and talks between experts, companies, designers and institutions mutually involved in the research and development of solutions in the context of the specific area.

The talks will be hold both in presence and online.

Circularity and the concept of “reduction” as a virtuous action are also actively supported by Materially through the use (and post-use) of all the elements used for the exhibition layout. We guarantee recycling and reuse of all the objects, furnishings and materials on display, providing them with a second life and avoiding their disposal in landfills.