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The dynamic surface of Alissa - Materially

The dynamic surfaces of Alissa + Nienke

The Dutch design studio alissa + nienke, born from the collaboration between the two founders Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers, both graduated from the Eindhoven Academy of Design, focuses her work on creating interior surfaces that play by combining lights and colours. 


Often composed of small and very light elements in the most varied materials (PVC, textile fibers, aluminum, bioplastic, steel), the surfaces designed by the Dutch duo act dynamically to the stimuli of the environment in which they are located or to the movements of the observer. 

alissanienke 2


Even the most “static” designs (in yarns of different colors), present a level of chromatic and aesthetic dynamism out of the ordinary. The articulated designs seem to change and move in front of the gaze of the observer.


alissanienke 4


Fascinated by the tactile universe and the conjugation of a job in contact with the world of craftsmanship with technological knowledge, alissa + nienke make their creations dance elegantly to the rhythm of the wind and natural light.
hese splendid and delicate surfaces seem to come out of the sphere of inanimate objects, becoming almost creatures able to participate in the daily life of the spaces in which they are inserted.


All images and videos courtesy of alissa+nienke

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