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Tessuti Sondrio

Tessuti sondrio


Via Tonale, 4
23100 Sondrio SO



Tessuti di Sondrio is a company that produces cotton, linen, hemp and wool fabrics for fashion brands and B2B, operating since 1895 in the heart of Valtellina, northern Italy. Its mission is to design products of excellence, arising from craftsmanship and territorial uniqueness. The design thinking behind a proposal is influenced by multiple aspects: art, technology, culture and, above all, people. Tessuti di Sondrio aims at expressing pure creativity, capable of recognizing and interpreting the society and time in which it lives.

Tessuti di Sondrio’s collection Heart to Earth, stems out of the company’s earnest approach to sustainability, and includes numerous projects in steady development. To the project, pursued with great tenacity, belongs the collaboration with the innovative company Orange Fiber, a benchmark in the creation of colored fibers based on citrus industry waste: silky, shiny, precious, innovative, sustainable and Made in Italy.

Herbarium Tincturae is a new collection of fabrics based on dying techniques made with herbs – ivy, tannin, Asian wood, poppy, camping, pomegranate and others. It is a true philosophy of life, and a radical shift from the usual industrial approach. The organic fabrics are cleverly dyed with an ancient decoction technique, using only non-edible parts and scraps.