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Asahi Kasei



Chiyoda, Tokyo


Asahi Kasei is a Japanese multinational company that contributes to life and living for people around the world. Since its foundation in 1922 with its ammonia and cellulose fiber business, Asahi Kasei has consistently increased its portfolio to meet the evolving needs of every age. With more than 46,000 employees worldwide, the company proactively strives to make society more sustainable by providing solutions to global challenges through three leading sectors: materials, housing and healthcare.

One of Asahi Kasei’s latest creations is RespiGard™ by Polypore, a waterproof and breathable polypropylene membrane. The material can be combined with fabric, offering applications in outdoor furniture, as well as technical sportswear. The high porosity of the membrane allows air flow, and an easy evaporation of moisture, while its structure prevents water droplets from penetrating. RespiGard™ is naturally waterproof, it has a smooth and uniform surface, and is ultralight, almost elusive. 

The material can be coupled to fabric, making it suitable for applications in outdoor furniture and technical sportswear.

RespiGardTM is produced using a solvent-free manufacturing process, and has therefore, obtained the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. The base is made of polypropylene, therefore recyclable and free of perfluorocarbons (PFCs). When coupled with mono-material textile solutions, such as polypropylene fabrics and accessories, it is entirely recyclable.