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via Caorsana 5/A
29012 Caorso PC


SAIB is one of the leading Italian companies producing raw and melamine-faced chipboard panels.

Its products are called RPB – Regenerated Particle Boards due to the particular manufacturing process which consists in transforming end-of-life wood. Founded in 1962 and based on an idea by Eva Bosi and Giorgio Rinaldi in Caorso, in the outskirts of Piacenza, already in 1994 SAIB began its conversion from using virgin wood to end-of-life wood by introducing the Rewood principle (producing sustainable chipboards with wood scrap from wood that has already been used and discarded with zero impact on nature). The company currently regenerates about 500,000 tonnes of wood scrap from waste sorting per year.

Firmly managed by the same family for more than 50 years, SAIB invests on innovation as a tool for progress and protection of the environment. It operates on a surface of 600,000 square metres with two continuous production lines for rawboards and four latest-generation lines for melamine-faced chipboards, for an overall production of 2000 m³/day. The company’s continuous investments in technology, which are supported by a tireless research to obtain strongly tactile and emotional surfaces, make SAIB into a key player in the industry of high-end product design thanks also to its expertise of perfectly combining aesthetics, technical processes and reuse. Since 2020, the company is officially a member of ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design), a choice that underlines its profound vision of design as a cultural tool.