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Via della Molinara, 45D
24064 Grumello del Monte (BG)


Arkimia was born from the evolution of the company founded in 1946 by Mauro Gaspari’s father, which from the production of buttons went on to fashion accessories, for the most famous luxury brands, to furniture and objects. Arkimia connects Italian taste and aesthetic research with the craftsmanship of East Asia, where the production is with techniques unique in its field and precious natural materials, renewable and certified.

Arkimia, in fact, selects the most beautiful cultivable sea shells and Philippine native stones, combing them with woods, metals and colored resins, creating  artigiano pieces, able to adapt to the taste and needs of the customer thanks to the infinite combinational logic.

The application sectors range from fashion accessories to packaging, from furnishing accessories to interior design till, without limits of hybridization of materials and languages, to the custom of motorcycles and cars and to the yachting sector: a contemporary Wunderkammern to connect the cultures of the world.