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Supporting Circular Economy in the Textile Industry

ReBlend is a social enterprise whose mission is to raise awareness about the ecological impact of the textile industry and to inspire the use of circular textiles. To offer a solution in the ‘now’, ReBlend develops closed textile loops in which textile products are made from end-of-life textiles that are otherwise burned or disappears in a low-grade manner. ReBlend focuses on supporting the circular economy in the textile industry, by offering a range of services ranging from the development of innovative textiles, the development of circular clothing and accessories (including sampling and prototype development), cooperation in co-creation processes. With their network, they offer consultancy support to accelerate the transition to circular textiles (including True value concepts, Circular business case development, Project management & change management). Under the heading “Solution development” we offer services that deal with all kinds of questions that exist within companies, for example organizing a new chain for a residual flow in a company. ReBlend also offers short-term, ready made solutions in form of various textiles for fashion and upholstery (canvas, denim, interior textiles) that are 100% recycled and recyclable (both warp and weft) and made from Dutch post consumer textiles saved from incineration. They also design, manufacture and supply finished products such as knitwear and blankets.