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Nazena - Materially

Nazena: new life for textile waste. Why not?

Giving new life to textile waste by revolutionizing the world of fashion and packaging is the mission of Nazena, the start-up founded by Giulia De Rossi, which recovers post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste – both natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, viscose, silk, and synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, elastomer – to transform them into packaging, retail and shop fittings, design items and acoustic panels.

To do so, Nazena adopts a patented process that transforms waste into a durable material, suitable for making products with a long life cycle, and which can take different forms, based on customer preferences.

Nazena trasformazione rifiuti tessili - Materially

It addresses textile and clothing companies interested in creating new products with their own waste, shops that require customized eco-friendly solutions, responsible consumers who want to buy sustainable design items.

By recovering textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or to be incinerated and transforming it into new products, Nazena reduces CO2 emissions caused by the fashion and packaging industry. Furthermore, it carries out constant Research and Development activities aimed at recovering the most complex materials.

Nazena recupero rifiuti tessili - Materially

Where can you find it?

In Vicenza (36100), Strada Casale 175, Italy.

In Trento (38122), Via Roberto da Sanseverino 95, Italy.