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Disruptive nazena textile


Registred office:

Via Roberto da Sanseverino, 95§
38122 Trento (TN)

Operational headquarters:

Strada Casale, 175§
36100 Vicenza (VI)


Nazena is a start-up created with the purpose of giving new life to textile waste. The idea of founder Giulia De Rossi is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, which is responsible for 1/4 of global CO2 emissions.

Indeed, 85% of textile waste currently ends up in landfills. And each of us, on average, throws away 34kg of clothes per year.

Nazena’s aim is to disrupt the fashion industry by adopting a circular economy system.

How? Through a patented process that transforms post-industrial and post-consumption textile waste into a material that can take several shapes, based on the customer preferences. Thanks to R&D activity and the use of different technologies (including RTM, compression moulding, thermoforming), the characteristics of the material are continuously tested and improved.

The recovered waste (natural fibres such as cotton, wool, viscose, silk, and synthetics such as polyester, nylon, elastomer) is mainly used to create packaging, retail fittings, design items and acoustic panels.

Nazena’s products are addressed to fashion companies that want to reintroduce their waste into their production chain, but also to retailers and consumers. They are designed to fulfil a second function or, where this is not possible, to be taken back and turned into new items. This is to extend their life cycle, which in case of packaging, for example, is usually very short.