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Dorsum nuove superfici


Vgs srl
Via dell’Industria 12 a/b

Monteprandone (AP)


DORSUM® is the ultimate  ground-breaking production process perfect/ideal for  custom designed embossments possible on any flat surface of   furniture, walls, floors and doors.  

DORSUM® isn’t a raw material but a very peculiar type of finish.

It can be carried out on surfaces such as mdf, chipboard, plastic and aluminum.

Any type of embossment is obtainable,  thanks to its innovative  manufacturing process of the highest precision.

At any time, your impeccable solution for catalogue samples on different patterns at no extra cost ecxept the one of the catalogue itself. 

With DORSUM® :

  • Spotless ready to paint tailored patterned surface. 
  • Reduced production times
  • No minimum order
  • Single element achievable size mm. 3000X2000 max

The DORSUM® finishing system is compatible with all the major types of lacquers or paints  available on the market. Lacquering can also be made using any production system, color or effect.

Completely tailor- made, DORSUM® , allows a  360 ° wide range of customization process. 

Due to its lacquered surface end-finish, cleaning must be carried out with simple dusters and solvent- free non -aggressive products.