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CoFactory 3d printing

Materially at CoFactory, an urban hub for 3D printing and digital manufacturing

Located in the Milano Certosa District, CoFactory is an open urban factory created by DesignTech to promote connections between design and technology starting from the concept of self-production at Km0. At CoFactory, production areas, dedicated offices and coworking spaces, laboratories and meeting and training areas coexist. The production area on the ground floor hosts advanced technological equipment for rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing.

There are currently two Roboze 3D printers (PlusPRO and Argo 500), ideal for the production of tools and functional components with very high mechanical performance thanks to their ability to work with advanced polymers and composites, such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, Carbon-PA and other functionalized polyamides, and a very large format 3D printer by CMS (Kreator ares).

The Kreator is a hybrid additive manufacturing and milling system for processing composite materials, aluminum, light alloys and metals, whose advanced design and integrated technological solutions ensure precise and accurate processing.

A CMS Evotech 400 is also installed in CoFactory, a flexible five-axis work center for processing plastics and advanced materials, but also wood and light metals. Evotech has a large multifunctional work table, ideal for the production of technical components made in the most high-performance and demanding resins.

Finally, ABB’s Irb-6700 robotic arm is a key element of the new automated production lines, optimal for spot welding and material handling, as well as for assembly and printing (if appropriately equipped with a print head).

All CoFactory machines are available “as a service” to the Designtech community and to anyone (designers, makers, design studios, companies) interested in using prototyping or small production services.

CoFactory 3d printing

CoFactory generates a creative and innovative ecosystem that opens up to multiple opportunities for collaboration and development, to which Materially also belongs. CoFactory hosts a selection of tabulae from the Material ConneXion database, a taste of the larger library hosted in the headquarters in Viale Sarca, and whose exhibition will soon be renewed with new material solutions, updated periodically. The collaboration between Materially and CoFactory will also include presentations and other training sessions on material innovation and sustainability.