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The European Bioplastics Association defines bioplastics as plastics that are either bio-based (i.e. with content that comes from a renewable source of plant or animal origin), or biodegradable, or both. The definition of "bioplastics" therefore covers a vast range of materials that are very different from each other in terms of composition, use and above all end-of-life.

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June and July are months traditionally dedicated to exhibitions in the textile and fashion sector, to flank the Paris and Rome Fashion Weeks: in particular Milano Unica, which presented a special section focusing on creative sustainability, with a selection of fabrics from recycled and biobased yarns from certified supply chains.

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Smart textiles are textiles that showcase an active behaviour based on external stimuli.
These advanced fabrics possess the ability to sense, actuate, and respond to the environment or user inputs, creating interactive and intelligent experiences.
Their responsive behaviour can be activated by electronic systems (e-textiles) or by other, non-digital technologies such as thermal, chemical or magnetic signals.

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