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3D printing technologies have faced several challenges since their debut on the market, and  can now be used in several fields, according to very different needs and at different scales: starting from product design & prototyping for consumer goods, to tissue engineering in the biomedical sector, from architecture and buildings in the construction industry to textiles and fabrics…  and fashion is no exception. Today we’d like to focus on an interesting trend: 3D printed shoes. 

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Addressing sustainability has been a key focus in the wood & furniture industry in recent years. Not only by the development of new, simpler products with easy maintenance and multifunctional designs, but also thanks to the creation of certified chain of custody, companies have increasingly shifted their attention towards the sourcing of their raw materials and traceability of their products.

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In recent years, we have collectively and individually experienced severe global crises that have had major repercussions on the way we deal with ourselves, with others and with the environment, leading to a growing demand for new approaches to physical, mental and environmental health; three areas no longer separate but, on the contrary, addressed as a single, interconnected and inseparable theme.

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