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Hemp fabrics, ropes, wools, recycled fabrics. Weaving, macrame, knitting, interlacing. Natural materials and ancient techniques meet in the works of some artists present at the Biennale Arte 2022, projecting aspects of traditions and material cultures rooted in history, into the 20th and 21st centuries. Very different works seem to be linked by a single fil rouge: a powerful materiality.

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Construction being one of the most polluting industries, in recent years architects have increased their efforts towards eco-efficient design and multiplied creative solutions for the built environment. Sustainability in buildings is now accomplished through multiple approaches, which define the end result of architects’ practice at progressively earlier stages. When resource efficiency is set as a primary design goal, buildings uncontroversially show it, no matter if this is achieved through integration of energy saving solutions, choice of materials, layout and construction solutions or the many more tools that traditional know-how as well as state of the art technology offer to the designer.

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