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Ecomondo 2023 - Materially

Ecomondo 2023: everything you need to know about the most important exhibition on ecological transition

The 26th edition of Ecomondo, The Green Technology Expo took place in Rimini from the 7th to the 10th of November 2023 and confirmed the growing attention to the topics promoted by the leading event in Italy in the field of ecological transition and circular economy.  The number of visitors increased by 15% from the 2022 edition, and so did international visitors from Spain, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The fair presents the development strategies of environmental policy in Europe and the Mediterranean basin and is an important opportunity to meet the main players in the sector – industry, stakeholders, policy makers, opinion leaders, local authorities. Materially could not but be there.

Ecomondo confirmed its ability to provide a fertile ground to discuss, through a wide program of conferences, seminars, and shared moments, the main news at the technological, regulatory, and market level in various sectors, including:

  • Circular economy of non-biological supply chains
  • Circular economy of biological supply chains
  • Management of the water resource and environmental monitoring
  • Regeneration of ecosystems (regenerative economy and prevention of environmental risks)

The quality and innovation of these events are ensured by the work of the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, composed of a pool of eighty leading scientists, technicians, managers, and representatives of national institutions.

This year, the fair addressed the issue of the international adoption of a green and circular economy, especially with regard to the sectors of textiles, plastics, paper, WEEE, and agri-food. In addition, a central role was played by research for the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems, with particular attention to soil and hydrosphere.

Ecomondo 2023 - Materially
Tom Fisk

Indeed, the dominant topic was the development of a blue economy at the European level, in order to promote the sustainable use of the water resource and the integrated management of wastewater and municipal organic waste.

Other key themes addressed during these days were the national implementation of the PNRR  projects and the European funding aimed at supporting the development of green and circular cities.

Finally, the event was also an opportunity to discuss the city of the future: green and circular, more efficient in the management and consumption of resources, and in the management and valorization of waste produced.

Plastica - materially

Topics addressed ranged from fishing to coastal regeneration, from full electric vehicles to air quality research, from responsible communication to the development of green jobs. Once again Ecomondo has covered every aspect of sustainability and circular economy, deepening different themes and demonstrating that through technological research it is possible to take the international economy to another level.

For the next updates, see you at the 2024 edition, which will be held again in Rimini from the 5th to the 8th of November 2024.

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Cover image: Italian Exhibition Group

* Source: Ecomondo 2023 press kit

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