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Datemats - Materially

Datemats: training to design with and for emerging materials and technologies

The European Datemats project intends to develop and implement new interdisciplinary teaching methods for design and engineering students in the field of emerging materials and technologies (EM&T).

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The initiative also aims to promote its technology and knowledge transfer from universities and research centers to businesses. The new teaching and transfer methods that are intended to be developed will have design practice and culture as common ground.

The project, which started in January 2019, is progressing and the consortium met in Denmark for the second meeting hosted by the partner KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
The meeting marked the transition from the preparatory phase that lays the foundations to the definition of the contents for a new teaching method for technology transfer in the 4 different areas of Emerging Materials and Technologies: 1. ICS: Wearables, 2. Advanced Growing, 3 Carbon-based and Nano, 4. Wood-based.

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The second day of the meeting was dedicated to an interdisciplinary workshop and all partners participated in a creative co-design session. The participants in the meeting were divided into 4 groups creating a mix of skills and during the workshop it was reflected on the different project areas, highlighting some important issues and defining the role of the designer within each area.

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