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Conceria Nuvolari

Conceria Nuvolari


Viale del Lavoro 16
63813 Monte Urano
Fermo (FM)


Conceria Nuvolari  – a family company  located in the Italian region Marche –  is  specialized in the production and marketing of high quality and selected  goat and cross-bred sheepskins , mainly targeted  for the footwear, leather goods and clothing industries.

Directed by Sara Santori, the company stands out for its young and qualified organizational structure and for  its advanced technical-instrumental-technological  production  procedures.

 Focusing on innovation and sustainability, we are able to offer high-end certified articles made in conformity with  the best protocols  and regulations.

At the last edition of Linea Pelle fair Milan we presented an entirely metal free and biodegradable collection and a Graphene Leather, a real innovation for its high strength and its antibacterial properties.
Thanks to advanced research laboratories, Conceria Nuvolari (which is an innovative SME) has developed patents for metal free and biodegradable articles, that not only keep the traditional nature of leather products unchanged but even enhance their durability, breathability, thermoregulation, color fastness, tear strenght and abrasion resistance.

Among our latest  accomplishments:

  • A new color palette made up of both glossy and matte colors.
  • An improved concept of personalized prints, which enables to keep the metal free and biodegradable nature of our articles unchanged.
  • A new set of water-repellent and anti-drop leathers.
  • We added to our suede/velour offer   new items with a glitter effect made with a biodegradable recycled plastic finish.
  • The article Allure® section  was  enriched with the Allure Brush nappa  finished with  a wax  that gives an  extraordinary shine without altering its biodegradability.
  • Last but not the least : the hyper-breathable Skin Goat® lining  made with the Nature-L® tanning method, which combines  two innovations in a single article.

Conceria Nuvolari has recently analyzed the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the Nature-L® production (metal free and biodegradable articles ) using the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) method in order  to test  (through a study carried out by the Politecnico di Milano) its  environmental impact compared to the one of leather tanned with traditional methods.   The results of our study were made public during the CSR and social innovation exhibition at Bocconi University in Milan in  September 2020.  Mrs. Sara Santori stated: “our tests confirm that  the impact of the tanning process used in the production of Nature-L® items is sustainable”.

Conceria Nuvolari is part of the Leather Working Group . LWG  is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program.

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