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Archangelkade 7, 1013
BE Amsterdam



Bambooder is a startup in high-performance composite market whose team is developing biobased alternatives for traditional fossil fuel produced composites. The sectors it targets are transportation, sports, energy, design, building & construction sector.

Bambooder has developed a patented technology to extract ‘long’ bamboo fibers and produce an endless bamboo thread for high-performance composite applications. 

The company’s main product is a technical yarn, made of long bamboo fibers (12-50cm) utilised in continuous fiber 3D printing, UD tapes, or textiles. All sidestreams are used to make short fibers suitable for non-woven mats, injection molding compounds, or 3D printing filaments. Bambooder’s products are comparable to steel, aluminium, carbon, glass, and other natural fibres, such as flax or hemp fiber, according to the required properties. Bamboo has the advantages of being light, strong, and long-lasting. Bamboo’s rapid growth not only results in higher CO2 uptake compared to other plants, but also in significantly higher fiber yield than other natural fibers.