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Offices at: Società Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale
Via Milano snc
Loc. Cascina Flora
20185 Locate Triulzi (MI)


Coffeefrom® is an innovative start-up with a social purpose formed by a multidisciplinary team. In a circular economy approach, the coffee grounds of the food industry collected as a by-product are transformed into new products with thermoplastic, bio-based or recycled materials involving a 100% Made in Italy supply chain. 

Final products, produced by injection molding and 3D printing in collaboration with supply chain partners, are suitable for a variety of applications including tableware, packaging and writing instruments. 

There are 3 types of materials produced by Coffeefrom®: 

Coffeefrom® Bio

The first material, 100% biodegradable, composed of coffee grounds in varying percentages and PLA. A bio-based and renewable material.

Coffeefrom® Eco 

A 100% recycled material, composed of low-intensity polyethylene (LDPE) from post-industrial recycling and coffee grounds, flexible and lightweight.

Coffeefrom® Strong 

A material composed of high-intensity polyethylene (HDPE) and coffee grounds, rigid and resistant to high temperatures.

The founders believe in the contamination of values and resources between supply chains, and this is why their environmental, social, design and industrial skills meet in a virtuous industrial symbiosis. Within this model, Coffeefrom® creates social impact through the inclusion of fragile workers in logistics activities and the collaboration with social companies and projects.