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PERPETUA - Zantech®

Perpetua we had to invent it


Strada Ponte del Marchese, 24
36100 Vicenza (VI)


Alisea S.r.l. is a Benefit Society that has been making a promise to the Planet since 1994, the year of its establishment, transforming unavoidable waste from industrial or artisanal production into innovative products that “didn’t exist before”, inspiring positive behavior through design. In 2020, the company achieved B-Corp certification.

Alisea’s mission is to create unique design objects that are the result of innovative, sustainable and patented production processes in circular economy. Specifically, there are two macro-objectives that the company aims to accomplish: to create common use objects that create a positive impact on the territory and the community; and to create “circular connections” with other entrepreneurial made in Italy realities that are committed to the future of the Planet and the well-being of the community, promoting a mutual exchange of know-how and expertise, in the belief that the circular economy applies not only to materials but also to ideas. 

In 2013 Alisea, found a solution to transform graphite powder into the first Perpetua Pencil. After her, other design objects composed of Zantech®, the only material in the world made from 100 % recovered graphite powder, all signed “Perpetua – we had to invent it,” took shape. Today, accordingly with the most recent times, the range of writing products leaves its mark not only on paper, but also on the latest generation screens for taking notes and ideas on smartphones and tablets. The entire supply chain, of materials and production is made in Italy, transparent and traceable.