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Woodskin - Materially

3D Wall panels for a natural wood skin

From a new attitude toward the act of creating projects, an innovative mixture of different factors from a theoretical and a practical know-how, thanks to the technical and creative predisposition, and the fusion of digital technology and artisanal skill a new material was created.

These 3D wall panels are 3D boards with compelling geometries, built inside square or rectangular modules uniquely suited to transform a space with the colors and configurations that best fit the project’s overall vision of the architect.
Top performance is achieved thanks to the right mix of materials and surface perforation in order to satisfy even the most demanding use, without aesthetic compromises.

An integral part of the patented process, is the software that instructs the machines to tessellate the surfaces of the 3D model.This tool produces optimized elements with minimal waste of material since the manufacturing process can be studied and virtually tested. A simple configurational mechanism allows easy installation, without the need for intermediate substructures.

Woodskin 3

More than ever, these panels make it possible to create unique three-dimensional coverings with a wide range of material finishes and quick, easy assembly. When a material, rigid in its nature, becomes flexible, ductile and almost pliable, it becomes a clear example of intuitive and undoubtedly smart design.

woodskin 2

Image courtesy of DSL Studio