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Invisible - Materially

The world of work at the time of the click

How does the work in the society of the algorithm change?

  Is it possible to do without social networks, home delivery apps and search engines?
They make our life easier, and have different business models apparently very profitable, but at the same time very fragile.
There are platforms, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Airbnb, Booking, Tinder which, as if by magic, respond almost instantly to our needs, desires and aspirations.
Behind their interfaces, however, there are thousands of men and women who work every day to make them work.
The 4 episodes of “Invisibles – Les travailleurs du clic” is the documentary series available for free on the French public television platform, France Télévisions: www.france.tv/slash/invisibles.


From February 14th they are also available on Youtube and Peertube (weekly).

Ep. 1 – “Youth on the move” (data production and algorithmic management of personnel, from Uber to cyclists)

Ep. 2 – “Micro-working more for micro-earning less” (workers who train AI, between Europe and Africa)

Ep. 3 – “Trauma without moderation” (the risks associated with the activity of moderators of social content, and their resistance strategies)

Ep. 4 – “Beyond the click” (when workers of the click get organized, they create alternative platforms and become whistleblowers)

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