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Conceria Nuvolari società benefit

Sustainability and durability are the keywords of the Nature-L® project, created by Conceria Nuvolari, a company specializing in the production and marketing of goat and ovine crossbreed hides, mainly intended for the fashion industry. The Marche-based company is among the first in its sector to experiment with tanning methods using a minimum content of heavy metals and no hexavalent chromium, while ensuring the enhancement of both the aesthetic, and qualitative nature of the leather.



Covestro, through its #FullyCircular Vision, offers a large and unexpected landscape of materials that support everyday life in facing new urban challenges. Materials that work on efficiency, safety and sustainability, and which offer application opportunities in the direction of design and ethics. Material solutions that regenerate post-consumer waste, materials that interact with light to create new urban textures, solutions that improve air quality, polyurethane, polycarbonate and other thermoplastic materials made with more sustainable processes.


Poliuretano è

Polyurethane is performance presents multiple approaches developed by the flexible polyurethane foam industry, to respond to the growing need to implement environmentally respectful processes. Eco-sustainability in the field of polyurethane foam includes a very wide and varied range of actions that let the transformation of recycled polyurethane into new products, capable of combining aesthetics and functionality, often aiming to enhance the intrinsic charm of a recycled material and its qualities - which should no longer be “concealed”, but rather, “ highlighted”.



Saxa Gres is a company that operates in the ceramic surfaces sector, agreeing to circular economy principles. Saxa Gres reuses materials from urban waste, which would otherwise be heading to landfills. It also proposes Grestone, a new generation of products with a very high rate of environmental sustainability features, that paves the way for the use of porcelain stoneware for flooring, street and home furniture. This collection is an alternative to stones and other natural materials that have become complex to use.


ST Powder Coatings

The COOL POWDERS range by ST Powder Coatings offers powder coatings that are distinguished by a polymerization temperature starting from as low as 140 ° C, a process that allows to maintain excellent mechanical properties, as well as excellent resistance to bad weather and UV radiation. A smaller amount of energy is needed to bring the powder paint to complete cross-linking, guaranteeing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The Energy Transition installation represents ST Powder Coatings’ commitment to the research and development of eco-sustainable products.



Aware that fastening accessories are one of the biggest challenges in garment recycling, YKK recently launched a series of NATULON® recycled zips made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. ECONYL® nylon, produced by Aquafil, is composed entirely of nylon waste collected from around the world, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps, old carpets and fishing nets from the aquaculture sector. Alongside the NATULON® line with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, YKK presents AcroPlating®, the new metal plating technology that eliminates harmful chemicals, and drastically reduces energy and water consumption.



Organoid by Piva

Organoid® is a certified carbon neutral brand since 2015, and it produces an entirely natural surface made with materials such as Tyrolean alpine hay, flowers, petals, moss and leaves, intended for sustainable interior design. The processing involves the use of a natural binder obtained from food waste, combined with dried natural materials and a functional selection of certified supports. The conscientious use of resources and the Organoid® philosophy, generate a sustainable, fragrant and versatile collection that can be used as a wallpaper, while also interacting with different supports guaranteeing multiple applications.


Holcim Italia

Holcim Italia builds progress for people and planet and as a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions we are enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improving living standards around the world. With sustainability at the core of its strategy Holcim is becoming a net zero company, driving circular construction as a world leader in recycling to build more with less. Holcim exhibits the new sustainable cement and concrete like ECOPact and ECOPlanet. Finally we’ll show BETALY® lamps, which spearheads the technology developed by 9010novantadieci, made with ourultra-high performing Ductal® which offers significant advantages in terms of durability, aesthetics and creative freedom for designers.



FENIX is the new generation of surface materials for interior design signed by Arpa Industriale. Thanks to its proprietary technology resulting from years of research, FENIX® surface is extremely matt, pleasantly soft touch and surprisingly anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. Versatile and innovative, FENIX is an inspiring starting point for novel design projects. Since December 2021, all FENIX® materials are carbon neutral. This is the result of a favourable product build-up and the implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy. The road to carbon neutrality started with the replacement of the most impactful inputs and the improvement of products and processes efficiency. Moreover, FENIX focused on durability and composition, as it believes in “do more with less”, guaranteeing the quality of the materials while using less resources.


Marcegaglia Digital Print

Marcegaglia Digital Print is an industrial technology applied to pre-painted steel, which integrates digital printing with continuous coil processing, offering new and unexplored opportunities for the creativity of designers and architects. Steel is recyclable, ductile, environmentally sustainable and allows, through this process, to emphasize and simulate multiple visual and tactile sensations, while safeguarding durability and resistance, even in outdoor environments and in extreme weather conditions.



SAATIstyle is a range of high-tech fabrics designed for glass lamination and interior design applications. The materials are produced in Italy, and are synthetic monofilament fabrics with a perfectly calibrated mesh opening and a reflective surface. At first glance, they look like classic metal fabrics, but their weight and ease of processing and customization make them unique. When applied to glass production, its peculiarities allow Saati style fabrics to generate extraordinary optical effects, and different virtuous behaviors of transmission and filtration of heat and light.



MM was founded as an engineering company in 1955 to design and build the entire metropolitan network of the city of Milan. Today MM is an integrated multi-service company, a center of excellence in the engineering sector with proven experience and a strategic partner in the development, management and reorganization of cities.




Circularity, part of the Innovatec Group, is an innovative start-up, the first industrial symbiosis platform in Italy that connects the players in the waste cycle supply chain to start circular economy paths. Being a benefit corporation, it integrates in its corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the environment. With a wide and varied range of consulting and training services, Circularity helps companies integrate sustainability into their growth strategy and optimize the consumption of resources.



Haiki+, a part of the Innovatec Group, translates the theories of the circular economy into practice. Haiki+ helps to improve the sustainability of its customers thanks to the optimization of their waste and it’s recovery in a circular perspective, with an authoritative eye on economic aspects and regulation. Thanks to a widespread location of innovative systems and countless collection vehicles on the road, Haiki+ deals with 360° management of waste, ensuring perfect environmental compliance.


Geocycle italia

Thanks to Geocycle the company part of the worldwide Holcim Group specializes in Waste Management, cement production process is now increasingly sustainable both in terms of saving natural resources, and emissions. Geocycle exhibits examples of non recyclable products that we are able to recover thanks to the proven technology of ‘co-processing’ and utilize existing facilities in the cement industry to resolve waste challenges sustainably.


Zero Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles represents constant innovation applied to the motorcycle world. Combining the best features of traditional motorcycles with advanced, sophisticated technology, the California brand produces high-performance, lightweight, powerful and incredibly fast electric motorcycles. Conceived as an ambitious idea in a Santa Cruz garage, Zero Motorcycles has grown to become an internationally-renowned company in a short time. The result of this transformation is a complete range of revolutionary zero-emission motorcycles that embody a new concept of mobility. At Urban Matter(s) Zero Motorcycles presents the FXE, the bike of the future. The FXE is at the vanguard of design, created in collaboration with Bill Webb, the genius behind San Francisco’s award-winning design studio Huge Design.