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Materially presents

The matter of emotions

For the 2023 Milano Design Week, Materially will present a perspective on materials based on the concept of wonder, applied to three areas: education, creativity and industry

A story, told on many levels through events in multiple and meaningful locations of the city, which will amaze you through exhibitions, talks and workshops.


Materially offers three material contexts, three diverse plans, three distinct but complementary points of view, aimed at offering a brand-new perspective on the topic of material innovation. It is about a shared and choral campaign to examine the complexity we live in and awaits us by means of one of the most powerful human drives: wonder.


This path welcomes partners with eminent experiences, skills and attitudes. Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano (BAM), Fondazione Reggio Children, Total Tool/Giulio Ceppi, Tufts University, University of Pennsylvania, Accademia di Brera, Material ConneXion are coming together on this project, as well as designers, artists, curators and outstanding companies producing material solutions that transform everyday life – all players in the game of exploring new ideas, trends and project tools.