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Shikada Shitsurai

Shikada shitsurai natural interior material


428 Ohta, Hirokawa-Machi
Yame-Gun, Fukuoka


Shikada Shitsurai, a new trend of interior design that delicately embraces a lifestyle: a concept inspired by Shitsurai, the art of Japanese traditional hospitality. The Sudarè (bamboo curtain) is one of the main furnishing elements used in Shitsurai. Shikada Shitsurai inherits the DNA of traditional Sudaré craftsmanship from Yame (Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan) and focuses on creating a unique Shitsurai style through design and functionality that suit modern lifestyles. Shikada's hand-made weavings and curtains are made of bamboo, but today Shikada faces some social issues: due to the spread of chemical-artificial products, the demand for bamboo tends to decrease as well as the number of people who deal with bamboo. Shikada has always been engaged in the production of natural bamboo weavings for over 100 years. In recent years, Shikada has started planting a rare variety (Unmonchiku). The goal is not just to harvest and use bamboo but, above all, to cultivate and pass this culture on to the next generation. Shikada, as it has always been, will continue to strive to offer the comfort created by these natural materials.