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Poliuretano è


Via Schiaffino 25, 20158 Milan, Italia



Poliuretano è is a project promoted by the leading Italian flexible polyurethane foam producers: Cires, Nir, Olmo, Orsa foam, Pelma, and Sip. The project aims to promote the potential of this material.

Poliuretano è has established itself over the years as a leading authority and a precise identity in the world of communication, production, and design. Initially developed as a project aimed at improving the knowledge of flexible polyurethane foam among distributors, Poliuretano è has gradually expanded its scope of action, increasingly involving companies that produce polyurethane industrial products, from furniture to packaging. Today, the project is also supported by companies that supply raw materials and additives for production: Covestro, Evonik, BorsodChem Wanhua, Dow, Hutsmann, Repi, and Shell.

Poliuretano è promotes a wide range of initiatives to spread the culture of polyurethane material, including the organization of themed exhibitions and presentations, conferences dedicated to in-depth analysis of various polyurethane-related topics, training meetings with retailers, and the publication of research and documentation on the subject.