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OLTREMATERIA® - Surface of wellness

Oltremateria le superfici del benessere


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Surface of wellness

Oltremateria® the innovative decorative-architectural coating system capable of revolutionizing the field of continuous surfaces is aimed, predominantly, at the world of project and design, embodying the affirmation of a new style capable of involving the entire universe of surfaces, from floors to walls, from ceilings to furniture, objects and accessories, stage sets and installations, which find in SISTEMA OLTREMATERIA® a new expressive philosophy and a unique and inimitable sensory continuity.

The OLTREMATERIA® SYSTEM should be understood as a set of products – components capable of representing a gradual process, aimed at the constitution, layer by layer, of a continuous coating with unique characteristics. Once applied, it creates a monolithic and continuous layer, a compact whole whose characteristics are those that have, first, projected it towards a new way of conceiving spatial continuity. A continuity inspired by well-being.

The OLTREMATERIA® System respects the environment because it is produced completely cold, with very low energy consumption reduces the use of natural resources and the impact on the environment, does not use solvents, cements and epoxy resins, reuses certified recycled aggregates and minerals offering a healthier environment is 100% recyclable as a building aggregate.

Oltremateria® also introduced to the market Ecopur ® the eco-resin that can be applied on many surfaces and substrates, which helps to break down bacterial and viral proliferation (including Coronavirus) and purifies the air, 24 hours a day, without consuming energy.

“A MARE” is Oltremateria’s new continuous floor and wall surface made from innovative water-based polymers derived from renewable sources such as sunflower oil. 

With the addition of sea shells from certified Italian recycled contribute to make it an innovative product suitable for LEED and CAM projects, as well as granting it the certification of very low VOC emission both in reference to the French A+ and Japanese 4 **** (four stars) standards and the most stringent and restrictive international standards.

Oltremateria surfaces are free of formaldehyde and added solvents, totally non-toxic, do not release harmful and hazardous substances, and are certified and suitable for food contact.