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Rethinking Colour to match technology and design

Novacolor i colori dell'architettura


Via Ulisse Aldrovandi n. 10
Forlì (FC)


High quality decorative finishes recognized and loved internationally, successful projects in the design and architecture sector at a global level, a production increasingly oriented towards sustainability and a green approach.

Novacolor represents an Italian excellence that works with passion and competence, for a sustainable future.

Novacolor offers products to create environments where mental and physical well-being takes priority; it proposes new materials, the result of the most modern research and innovation in the field, and developed according to a green approach, which meet ancient processing techniques and give life to surfaces that tell us about the Italian history.

For some years Novacolor has been starting a real revolution in the world of color, a research to obtain a new production system, whose environmental impact is minimal and allows to have high performances and healthy products.

Novacolor is an active and constant player in this global movement, and among the first companies in the world to use biomass raw materials, and to study products that are not only sustainable but also functional to a new concept of living, linked to well-being and awareness. 

The company’s vision aims to create design environments thanks only to the distinctive features of color and textures. The spaces are enriched, the volumes open and interpret different personalities, all of them trendy: no more walls but works of art, furnishing accessories and valuable architectural structures.