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Superfici Naturali - Materially

Natural Surfaces – Organoid by Piva

Image courtesy of Organoid

The theme of the return to nature and our interconnection with it is becoming increasingly topical, in a fast-moving world driven by technological innovation and often characterized by unpredictable events.

One way in which design could  drive the process of restoring this interconnection with the natural world, which we belong to, is by implementing materials with prominent biophilic characteristics.
It has been shown that next to these surfaces, individuals tend to relax, to produce fewer stress hormones, giving space to energy to be spent on thoughts and creativity.

Organoid’s low-thickness natural surfaces are perfectly suited for this purpose: for their manufacturing, natural materials of vegetal origin are mixed with an ecological binder and pressed into thin layers of thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 3 mm. To protect the naturalness of the material, the surfaces are not further treated: in this way finished products are free from harmful emissions, harmless to health and also tested against allergies.

Superfici Naturali - Materially

Image courtesy of Organoid

For the realization of these surfaces, any fiber of vegetable origin, preferably organically and locally produced, can be used. Applications range from self-adhesive backings, laminate, wall and furniture coatings to acoustic panels and flooring.
The attention to the origin of the material and the manufacturing process, simple in appearance but actually dependent on many different parameters, helps to define Organoid products not only as climate-neutral, but even as climate-positive.