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Via S. Francesco, 62
21020 Inarzo VA



Radical by nature

Mogu is a design company that manufactures sustainable and innovative products with a strong aesthetic value and advanced performances.

Starting from residues materials and by-products of other industrial processes, it offers today the first products based on mycelium available on the market, dedicated to interior design and architecture applications as acoustic panels, wall covering panels and flooring.

The company was founded on the belief that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, seeking a finer balance between the man-made and the rhythms of the natural ecosystem. This vision is embedded in products crafted with the lowest environmental impact possible and featuring a durable and sustainable life cycle, to offer radically innovative experiences.

Over the years mogu explored the potential of mycelium-based technologies in diverse application sectors. Through selected protocols, mogu developed a range of materials with different performances, from soft and foam-like to strong and high-density. The intent is to bring Nature closer to people, meeting the needs of everyday life, both functionally and aesthetically.

Today our relationship with the natural ecosystem is more compromised than ever, due to human activity and irresponsible production. Mogu therefore tries to use only industrial residues as raw materials, giving new value to unexploited resources thanks to the action of the mycelium. A few examples of production approaches:

COTTON AND HEMP 40% of the cotton yard is waste, 80% of hemp production is made up of hemp shives, Mogu uses it as nourishment for mycelium, which feed on the organic matter and convert the low-value input material into a product.

POLYOL: To ensure flexibility and strength in Floor Flex Mogu adds a polyol from a renewable source. The polyol is produced using rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and castor oil.

OYSTERS: The fishing industry and global warming cause an unused accumulation of mussel shells on beaches, mogu recovers them and adds them to the Floor product, ensuring a unique aesthetic effect.