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True beauty has a depth to it that goes below the surface. From decorative printing to high-quality coatings, our effect pigments have been helping make the world a more colorful — and functional — place for more than half a century.

Take for example that distinctive convertible driving past: our pigments create eye-catching automotive coatings. Durable coatings help vehicles stay looking their best even after years on the road.

And how about that striking building façade downtown? Builders set trends with effect pigments in architectural coating applications that make buildings both more attractive and resistant to the elements.

Used in food, ceramics, plastics, cosmetics, and even furniture, our high-quality pigments make a big difference in the look and feel of many products. Unmistakable packaging and labeling makes for appealing product design, plus can curb counterfeiting and boost security.

For countless everyday items, effect pigments add a bit of color to the world.

Follow us in our never-ending journey into a fascinating world of colors, fantasy, design, special effects based on punctual research, colorimetry, interferences and light refraction angles … With our Inspiration Tools your journey from the idea to realization is even faster.

Effect pigments and functional additives are a real concentrate of creativity, science and technology.
It is pure emotion. Can you feel it?