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Materials Village - Special Edition

Milano Design Week - From 4th to 10th september, 2021

In a very special guise, at the Milan Design Week in September, Materially presents the seventh edition of Materials Village, the event designed to promote the development and dissemination of innovation and sustainability starting from materials. Housed within the Superstudio Più Superdesign Show 2021, Materials Village presents itself with a new exhibition format, indoor, to tell about some aspects of the material transformation that affects everyday living through the example of companies and start-ups that make innovation and process management is the focus of their work. Thus in the Materials Village there is space for materials, production processes and technologies aimed at sustainability, performance optimization and circular economy logics.



How new materials can cut waste and turn it into value

In this Special Edition of Materials Village, the theme of ecological transition finds its fulcrum in the "WastEnders" exhibition, curated by the team of Materially researchers, dedicated to startups and young companies that use materials from agricultural or industrial waste in innovative applications and objects of 'daily use. The exhibition explores new families of materials that would cut waste - either because they are developed from discarded raw matter, or because they are entirely biobased and biodegradable, or because the process is totally clean. WastEnders are those projects that start from the most varied waste raw materials and that involve not only the development of new processing technologies, but also the setting up of supply chains and partnerships between the different players. The result is the activation of synergies of industrial symbiosis that help reduce waste and turn it into value in a circular economy perspective.

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