Materially Now

Milano Design Week
April 15th -21st 2024

How research, industry and responsibility are changing the present

Superstudio Più - Via Tortona, 27, Milan

Materially NOW, a project by Materially, physically and symbolically focuses on the study of materials and the work of those companies that, through research, investments, and production, are carrying out a small but great revolution: changing the present to build the future of design.
Materially NOW is not only an exhibition space, but rather also an event featuring Materially’s advisory approach: providing opportunities of education and connection between materials producers and users. The central area is animated daily by a calendar of workshops and presentations dedicated to the materials on display, while broad-ranging panel talks will give voice to key players of materials manufacturing and research.
The installation, built in collaboration with partner companies, is designed so that each component can be reused, in a logic of full circularity.


Three orientations

Since the present is the antechamber of the future, we have identified three trends operating today and which characterize more than others the directions in which the material world is going.

Aim Net Zero

Nature in Lab (Experimentation)
Impact by Industry (Transformation)
INFURI Designtech - Materially
Stage area

Concrete answers on the potential of materials.

In addition to thematic panel talks, at the center of the space, the partner companies will present their materials to the Design Week public but also to professional interlocutors selected for their interest in those materials.

Display area

The exposition

Arranged to form a circular and fluid path, large tables will host the materials on display. Created with criteria of material circularity, the horizontal displays will host samples and examples of use of the materials, allowing the public to pass through and encouraging the technical story and application information from the various companies.

Materials village Milano - Materially

Visit the event

Materially Now will be held at Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 in Milan. Entry to the event is free upon registration.


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