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Mariantonia Urru


via Kennedy, 77
Samugheo, Oristano, Italy



Mariantonia Urru is a historic Sardinian textile company based in the mountain village of Samugheo, whose nature and history are at the center of production. 

TINTOinPECORA is a brand dedicated to the pure essence of wool and is distinguished by its commitment to enhancing this material without compromise.

Free from any treatments or alterations, sheep’s wool, the raw material, presents itself in its simplicity as a versatile and innovative option for creating a product line with limitless applications in various sectors of use.

Presented exclusively in the natural color range, from white to black, through the different shades of gray and using only sheep’s wool entirely produced and processed in Italy, this material guarantees maximum healthiness and respect for the environment. It is a material free from health risks, recyclable and biodegradable.

In addition to its traditional use in the textile sector, TINTOinPECORA introduces a wide range of creative possibilities, ranging from furniture and design to biodegradable construction, resulting in a line of unique final products 100% Made in Italy.

The brand’s holistic approach is not limited to the sustainable aspect: it translates into a philosophy of boundless inventiveness, embracing the entire spectrum of design and craftsmanship and allowing creatives to explore new frontiers. Each collaboration becomes a new opportunity to reinvent the concept of the natural material wool, generating unique and distinctive solutions.