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Via Alcide De Gasperi 26
36028 Rossano Veneto, VI Italy



The recipe for perfect paper: sustainability, respect, emotions, and innovation.

Favini is an Italian company that produces paper according to the principles of innovation and sustainability.

Innovation is their elixir: change and adaptation to people, the environment, and trends are their constant. They have always invested time and resources in the only possible temporal direction: the sustainable future.

Any industrial process is not free from emissions that are potentially harmful to the environment, and paper production is unfortunately no exception.

At Favini, however, the goal is to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible through continuous adaptations and innovative technologies aimed at reducing emissions, consumption, and waste. All this, while maintaining the artisan touch that makes the aesthetics of Favini paper unique and inimitable.

The company creates its products according to a circular economy logic and starting from bio-based materials. “Paper From Our Echosystem” is the collection that encloses all the ecological papers made by Favini and which are characterised by using eco-innovative raw materials – for example recycled textile fibers or alternative fibers such as bamboo, by the offsetting of unavoidable emissions created during production, by the use of renewable energy and FSC™ certificate (Forest Stewardship Council), which are recyclable and biodegradable.