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Made of Air

Made of air


Axel-Springer-Straße 39
D-10969 Berlin
+49 (0)30 3034 5003


A new biochar-based material designed to combat climate change

Made of Air (MOA) is a material composed of 90% of atmospheric CO2, obtained through carbonization by pyrolysis, and 10% of plant-based binders. The CO2 that is trapped in this material for durable applications is that absorbed by the plant during the life cycle, as occurs with any other biobased material: in this case, however, the carbon stock is very high thanks to the high percentage of carbon contained in the material and is not destined to be released back into the atmosphere: the ideal end-of-life of this material is precisely the landfill, to bring a part of the excess carbon back to where it comes from: the earth. Made of Air technology allows to obtain flame retardant and recyclable composites that can be modeled into panels and three-dimensional shapes, or they can replace fillers for plasterboard or polymer fillers for injection molding. It comes in a very deep black color, which is visually attractive and nice to touch.