New experimental and sustainable ceramics


Taller delle Terre

New experimental and sustainable ceramics

Taller delle Terre is a start-up working in the ceramic sector, an industry that in Italy alone extracts about 4 million cubic meters of clay per year. The idea of Martina Geroni, young designer soul of the start-up together with Giacomo Losio, starts from the recovery of by-products of local companies, which are pulverized and mixed with virgin clay and reworked by hand, with traditional techniques on the lathe, giving rise to objects for the table and the kitchen.

Starting from these first tests, and after having tested and experimented with mixtures of different "ingredients", a real material was born, called Mat-Ter (Materia + Terra), patented and applied to a first collection: Cascara, designed to drink coffee and the infusion obtained by recovering and reusing the waste of its fruit (hence the name). Mat-Ter is applicable to various objects, from tiles to tableware, from decorations to sculptures and is proposed as a circular alternative to traditional ceramics, enhancing the natural waste that companies produce, limiting the costs for disposal and related environmental impacts.

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