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Iridescent effect

Flash-Luminium is a flexible retro-reflective material that creates a surprising iridescent effect when exposed to both natural and electric light. This surface is part of the Luminum collection, a series of products that have been created by fusing some materials on a light aluminum support.

Flash-Luminium was presented the first week of February 2020 at Architect at work (international format dedicated to designers to make networks, during which new products, seminars and meetings are presented) in London.



  Photo: Michel Azous

Flash-Luminium is made of melted Rainbow Flash retroreflective nylon on an aluminum support. Rainbow Flash is an almost black flexible surface that is activated by light becoming rainbow prismatic gradient. The retro-reflection is obtained through the light that activates glass microspheres on the nylon surface with a gradient refractive index. Even in non-activated mode, the dark surface has a subtle rainbow tint. The thickness of the aluminum can vary and be customized so as to modify the final effect of the material and its possible applications.

Flash-Luminium is available in rolls of 10 meters in length, with a width of 120 centimeters and can find different applications. In fact, thanks to the fusion with aluminum, it opens up to these materials new sculptural possibilities, as aluminum maintains its forms when shaped, but it is soft and light enough to be handled. It is used to create packaging, merchandising but also artistic installations and theatrical scenography. A further peculiarity of this material is its high resistance to bad weather and scratches and easy printability.

Effetti cangianti

Photo: Michel Azous

Inside the collection – Luminum collection – there are different materials fused with aluminium, such as LUNA-LUMINIO composed of Microbille Reflective, a reflective material that becomes dazzling white when activated with the flash of a camera and MAGICO- LUMINIO composed of Magic Mirror adhesive material that creates a reflective dichroic surface (blue or pink).

Flash Luminium6

Photo: Michel Azous